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How yoga can keep our bodies in peak performance for running

Go with the flow!

How yoga can keep our bodies in peak performance for running

The aches, pains, and muscle tightness that develop during or after running are all too familiar to those of us who exercise regularly. These are typically felt in the back, knees, legs, ankles and hips. They have an impact on both experienced runners as well as those who are just starting out. The good news is that yoga poses can assist with pain relief, injury prevention, and even improved breathing while running.

Benefits of yoga include:

  • Great for recovery
  • Improves running technique
  • Reduces chances of injury 
  • Builds strength 
  • Increases flexibility and improves mobility 
  • Boosts wellbeing 
  • Builds stamina and endurance 
  • Improves breathing  
Flow with Movement Vitality, step by step

If you’re simply doing yoga workouts at home, you don’t need any equipment! Just wear your IMPI running shorts, a cute matching crop and grab a towel!


Instructions: Move from one pose to the next, until you've completed all poses. Repeat the sequence, switching sides of the body where needed. Complete this flow as many times as needed.

Poses in sequence

“Thread the Needle” – start in child's pose. Reach both arms to the left (stay 5 breaths), then to the right (5 breaths). Back to the centre for child's pose, and then thread the needle, reaching one arm through, twisting in the upper back. 5 breaths on each side.

“Toe Squat” – Keep toes tucked under the whole time! Interlace fingers and reach palms up, then fingertips out to the side and side bend. 5-7 breaths each stretch.

“Hammies and Hips” – 8-10 breaths each pose. Start with the right leg lifted to the ceiling, then open the leg to the right, and then to left for a spinal twist. Keep shoulders on the floor as you twist.

“Spine Roll” – Start at the pelvis and “roll”/ round your spine one vertebrae at a time. And then extend/unroll, starting at the pelvis again and moving up one vertebra at a time. 8-10 rounds.

“Human Toe Spreader” - Interlace fingers in between your toes. Flex and extend toes and ankles and create circles. 1 minute on each side.

“Chest Opener with Deep Breathing” - Roll a blanket or towel up and place it horizontally at the bottom tips of your shoulder blades. Lay down, relax, and breathe deeply and slowly from the abdomen into the ribcage. 3-5 minutes.
This set of exercises focuses on the hip flexors, quads, glutes, hamstrings and low back while incorporating complete body awareness. Plus, it is suitable for all levels.

Enjoy your deep breaths!

Movement Vitality
Indooroopilly, Queensland

With a background in running marathons, Virginia's yoga practice Movement Vitality has opened her to so much more than muscle recovery! After more than a decade of teaching yoga, she champions the art of breathing in all of her classes, which helps to manage stress and improve all-around health and performance.