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      7 ways to stay motivated

      7 ways to stay motivated

      While the most important thing right now is to #stayhome and #staysafe we are lucky enough in Australia to still be running outside. While it's not a time to smash yourself and risk compromising your immune system, it is a time to #keeprunning and keep your ‘body, mind and soul’ healthy and happy. Here are some motivating tips to keep you going.

      1. Make your bed

      Its very easy to slip into hump mode when your normal daily structures have crumbled. Set a structure or routine for each day. Start by getting up, washing your face and making your bed. Go to to listen to a Navy Seal Admiral who poses a very strong case for bed making)

      2. Run for your health

      Exercise studies show that regular, modest exercise boosts immunity, and lowers your risk of infection so #keeprunning. Combine your run with a friend (only one 😊) to enjoy a chat, a laugh or simply some quiet company while you move through your paces. Running not only boosts immunity but also helps reduce anxiety, stress and provides clarity of thought.

      Impi Sportswear runners in running crops and shorts

      3. Take time to make yourself nutritious meals

      Vitamin C and other immunity boosting foods are more important than ever. We are by no means nutritionists, but here are some of our favourites…

      • Green smoothies (yummier than they sound)!
      • Stock up on blueberries (or any berries for that matter). Evidence shows blueberries knocked down the pro-inflammatory responses and help immunity.
      • Oats contain a fiber called beta-glucan, a type of fiber with antimicrobial and antioxidant capabilities more potent than echinacea.This bolsters macrophage and killer T cells’ ability to fight off infections. Research suggests that beta-glucan can decrease your risk of upper-respiratory infections after exercise.
      • Chicken soup for our “soles” 😊 (here is a link to one of our favourites  Chicken soup carries immunity-boosting benefits thanks to a mild anti-inflammatory effect found in the broth. The protein in chicken also helps bolster your immune system. Add plenty of extra veggies for more vitamins and minerals! (garlic, tumeric and ginger are good options)

        4. Work on your strengths and weaknesses

        Runners are notoriously bad at strength and stretch exercises. Not anymore! There is now time to incorporate a strength and stretch program into your running training. It's far easier to continue on with a good habit than to start one when times get busy again. A simple strength routine will improve your general health, sporting performance, build healthy bones and most importantly help prevent injury.

        5. Watch an inspirational movie or documentary

        Some of our favourites include McFarland High  on DVD and Eliud Kipchoge Road to Vienna The Ineos 1:59 Challenge on You Tube

        MCFarlan High Running inspiration

        Eliud Kipchoge

        6. Read an inspirational book

        Not much more needed to say about this tip. Take a break from devices and read a real book!

        Here are some of our favourties:

        Perspective - Ellyse Perry

        Impi Sportswear reading book

        Choose to Win : Achieving Your GoalsFulfilling Your Dreams - Susie O'Neill

        Let Your Mind Run - Deena Kastor

        7. Join Strava (for 13 years +)

        Strava is a great way to stay connected to your running buddies. There are loads of virtual challenges and segments in your local area you can target. Get out there and give them a go. Impi Sportswear will be looking to hold a couple of virtual challenges over the coming months so please join our club Impi Sportswear Running Tribe for more details on these events. Go to

        Keira Moore - Impi Running Warrior

        Keira Moore - Impi Running Warrior

        How and why did you start running? 

        My mum was a big influence as she had a squad of older athletes. Most of the time she would have to tell me to show her my skips and leaps as it was the only way she could get me to do some exercise - obviously I really wanted to be a dancer back then. 

        What is the best thing about running? 

        There are so many great things about running but the best would be the people you meet and the strong bonds that are developed at training with everyone and and travelling together for races! 

        Do you play any other sport? 

        I play soccer for club but play more for fun and for the social side of it. 

        What has been your career highlight so far? 

        Winning nationals for the U16 steeple-chase would have to be the highlight of my career so far as it was such a great comp as well as a fun trip to cairns. 

        Do you have a favourite distance? 

        My favourite distance would be 3km cross country as it is still fast but a little bit more entertaining than racing on the track. 1500m on track would also have to be a favourite! 

        What are future hopes and ambitions? 

        My hopes and ambitions would be to make the QLD team for athletics and cross country next year and hopefully be able to win a medal again at athletics! 

        Fun Facts 

        App - Snapchat, instagram 

        Food - sushi, thick shakes 

        Training session - 400’s 

        Instagram - Keirammoore

        Future Career - Dietition  


        Nikita Moore - Impi Running Warrior

        teen running apparel

        How and why did you start running?

        I started running from a young age; my mum was a big influence as she was coaching older athletes and I would just come down to the sessions and jog. Throughout school cross country and athletics carnivals I found myself winning a lot of races and becoming really dominant in the longer events. The environment and social side of running definitely influenced my decision to continue the sport.

        Where is your talent from?

        I would consider myself as having talent but not as much as many other runners. I am an athlete who works really hard for what I achieve and the work always pays off. 

        What is the best thing about running?

        The best thing about running would have to be the social side of it and how many friends you make along the way. I have met my closest friends through running. Although I do love competing and look forward to any race; I love the nerve racking and exciting atmosphere. 

        Did you play any other sport? 

        I currently play soccer but more just for fun. This year I played for both my school opens team and for club. 

        What has been you career highlight so far? 

        My career highlight would have to be when I won the Australian U18 girls 4km champs and also becoming the Oceania champ. It was such a competitive race as it was run up in Maleny on one of the toughest courses you’ll ever see! 

        Do you have a favourite distance? 

        I love any distance but at the moment my favourite would have to be the 5000m on track. When my age starts 6km cross country I definitely believe that will become a strong event for me. 

        What are your hopes and ambitions? 

        My main hopes and ambitions is to attend university in the US on a running scholarship as it sounds like such a great experience! Many girls I have trained with have also gone over which has strongly influenced my decision. 

        Why would you encourage anyone else to give the sport a go? 

        I encourage people to try running as it can benefit your life so much in so many different ways. 

        FUN FACTS 

        app - Snapchat, instagram 

        food- plain dairy milk chocolate, Spagetti Bolognaise 

        Author/ book- don’t read that much, probably should start but a favourite would have to be the once, then, etc series by Morris Gletizmen.

        Athlete- Heidi See (Australian distance runner) 

        Training session - 1km’s !! 

        Instagram - nikita_moore 

        Future Career- sales management in sport! (Fingers crossed).