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Size Guide

Our sizing guide relates to approximate body measurements for ages listed. Body shape and fit preference cannot be  accounted for but we will endeavour to help you choose your size as accurately as possible. Choosing your size can be tricky as very young body has a different shaped and every individual has a preference when it comes to fit and feel. We highly recommend going a size up if a tighter fitter feel is not tolerated.

6YRS 58-62CM 40-46CM 58-65CM
8YRS 63-65CM 45-50CM 65-72CM
10YRS 65-68CM 51-56CM 73-77CM
12YRS 69-73CM 57-61CM 77-82CM
14YRS 74-81CM 61-66CM 82-88CM
16YRS 81-89CM 67-73CM 88-95CM
LADIES10 89-95CM 73-78CM 95-103CM

 Please note

14yrs is similar to Ladies 6 or XS

16yrs is similar to Ladies 8 or S

Ladies 10 is similar to Ladies M

*If you do require a size exchange once your items arrive, please email us at and we can help in sorting out an exchange so long as the items have not been worn.

Size guide

The best way to choose your size is to take your measurements as per the diagram and match it to the size tables above. Please measure and choose carefully so you are not disappointed when your Impi garment(s) arrives. 

*Please note there a slight variation relevant to ladies size predominantly in the bust area.

We know its not always easy to purchase online, so we have provided some of our model's measurements to help you work out which size will fit you best. Most of our running models prefer a snug fit for the shorts, so have opted for a smaller size in the running shorts and a size up in the strappy crop.



teen running apparel

Annabelle on the left age 17 yrs wears Girls 14/T6  and Girls 16/T8 strappy running bra

 Running crop and shorts teens

Miranda age 15 on the left  wears Girls 16 /T8 elastic running shorts, Girls 16/ T8 strappy running bra
Mary age 16 on the right  wears Ladies 10 in running crops and Girls 16/T8 in running shorts

Mia age 14 yrs wears Girls 14/T6 running shorts and Girls 14/ T6 running crop

Zara age 13 yrs wears Girls 12/T4 running shorts and Girls 12/T4 running crop

teen running apparel

Kebe age 12 yrs wears Girls 12/T4 running shorts and Girls 14/T6 running crop


teen running apparel

Claire age 10 wears Girls 10/ T2 running shorts and Girls 10/T2 in running crop

teen running apparel

Violet age 8 on the right wear Girls 8 /T0 in both running shorts and crop