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IMPI's who Inspire featuring Sienna Bush

Sienna Bush is an up-and-coming talent from the Gold Coast. You’ll find this golden girl either competing on the track in the 800m, 1500m, 3km, or 4km X-Country events, or off the track and on the sand, competing in run-swim events such as the Coolangatta Gold. 

So far in 2022, Sienna has won the U15 Women’s 800m National Title, and the 4km Junior Dash at the Gold Coast Marathon in July. We caught up with this superstar to talk running, training, and of course why she loves wearing IMPI. 

When did you first start running and why?

I started running when I was about ten years old. My parents encouraged me, saying it was a good base for other sports especially. I also had a lot of friends who were running then too, so it was great to join them. 

What do you love most about running?

I love the way it makes me feel after because I enjoy it so much and it's lots of fun.

What is your proudest moment from running? 

My proudest moment would probably be winning the 800m at Nationals not too long ago.

It was really fun. I'd never really done an 800m before, so it was a bit of a shock when I won - it felt amazing. It wasn’t really my main event but I did train a lot for it and felt very prepared, it was very cool. 

What’s the hardest thing you do? 

Probably backing up and finding consistency with my running because I do other sports as well. 

I try to go to all the running sessions and just keep training, even though I'm tired.

Where do you want running to take you?

I want to keep enjoy running and see how far I can take it - even to the Olympics. We'll see how far it can get me. 

How do you prepare for a race?

Every race is different but most of the time I like to go for a swim in the morning to wake up and roll my arms. But I try not to think too much about the race to come. 

What do you love most about IMPI?

I love IMPI. It's so comfortable, and the patterns are so nice. It's not like any other sports brand, it’s very different.

What is your favourite piece of IMPI? 

My favorite piece would probably be any of the bike pants in the new ranges that are coming out. They’re all so comfy - I wish I could wear them every day to school. 


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