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IMPI's who Inspire featuring Aspen Anderson

Meet Aspen Anderson, a 16-year old IMPI Ambassador who competes in both middle-distance and triathlon events! From competing in triathlons in Tassie to running against Olympians in the Noosa Bolt, Aspen is a dedicated and talented up-and-coming athlete. 

We caught up with Aspen to talk to her all about running, motivation and her aspirations for Olympic glory! 



What events do you compete in? 

I compete in middle distance and triathlons.


When did you start running?

I started running when I was around ten years old at my school run club. From there, I progressed on to run with Gold Coast Run Co. They’re a great team and I've loved them ever since joining - I love the atmosphere, the people and the places you get to see.


Where has running taken you so far?

My running has taken me to nationals for both track and field and also triathlon. For Triathlon I’ve I've been able to travel to Tasmania and hopefully next year over to New Zealand!


What are some of the life lessons running has taught you?

Running has taught me what you put in, is what you get out. If you always try your best, and what you get in return is what you deserve. 


Do you have any advice for people on how to stay motivated?

Keeping thinking about the end goal - where you want to get and who you want to be.


What are some of your goals in running?

I would love to run in America after my schooling is done in Australia or even progress to like the triathlon world. So I really love the running and I’m going to try. Hopefully one day at the Olympics or Commonwealth games that would be great. 


Do you have any race day rituals? 

I always eat a banana before my race, it’s my go to! But I don't really focus on a whole race day ritual because if one thing goes wrong and then for the whole day, all you're thinking about is that one thing. 


What’s been your favourite race so far?

I really loved the Noosa Bolt last year, that was one of my favourite races. There was a great atmosphere, the crowd was electric and getting to run with Olympians was amazing - I also had a really great race too. 


What’s your favourite thing about IMPI Sportswear? 

My favourite thing about IMPI is the people behind it. The amazing Kim and Candice, I love them so much. The gear is also such good quality, it’s Australian owned, which makes it ten times better.


Do you have a favourite piece of IMPI Sportswear?

I really loved the new winter release, it has been amazing. My go-to though are the running shorts and the racing briefs - you can never go wrong with them!