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    Impi Sportswear was founded in Brisbane, Australia by good friends Candice and Kim. Their vision was to create a great quality range of running apparel for teenage and tweenage girls. An activewear range that doesn't cost the earth and provides ample choice both in design and style appropriate to teenage tastes.

    In collaboration with same amazing teens and tweens from their children's local running squad, Impi Sportswear was put into action.

    Why Impi ? (a zulu word meaning small tribe of warriors) 

    Observing the fierce determination shown by these girls both in training and races, the warrior within was abundantly apparent. Running together in their tribe, challenging and supporting one another, Impi was the obvious choice for a brand name.

    "Ultimately we want Impi Sportswear to ignite a warrior like attitude in teens and tweens as well as being a quality running clothing brand combining functional fabrics with affordability, fashionability and a touch of fierceness"

    Impi Sportswear is for girls who are tough and determined.Girls with a good work ethic. For girls who are focused on achieving their goals through hard yakka within the bounds of good friendships, made stronger by common interests and like-minded values. For girls who strive to be healthy in mind, body and soul. For girls who believe they are stronger in a tribe.

    We are so grateful to be on this journey - thank you to those Impi supporters who've already joined our tribe. To the rest, you are welcome anytime.


    Running Impis


    Eva and Ella