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IMPI’s Who Inspire featuring Ella Rodwell

Not one to shy away from a challenge, Ella Rodwell is a fierce distance, steeple and cross country athlete. She is currently pursuing a scholarship to run in America and understands the difficulties of balancing training and school. We caught up with Ella to find out how she stays motivated, balances Year 12 and deals with the pressures of race day.


What’s your proudest moment so far?

My proudest running moment is probably the Bridge to Brisbane last year, where i came third. I've been doing the Bridge to Brisbane since 2013 - so since I was in year three. Last year was the the first time I'd ever done really well in a race like that. It showed my progress since I've been little and it's always been a constant event that my family and I do.

Do you feel that sport helps you balance school stress?

Managing grade 12 and running has definitely been the hardest challenge so far. I talk to my coach about how I'm balancing both as sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed and then I won't run as well in training.

I find running is a good stress reliever though, particularly right before a test. I like doing something active beforehand because it gets my endorphins going and I feel more focussed.


Where would you like running to take you?

I would like running to take me around the world. At the moment I am pursuing a scholarship in America for running, so I'm hoping that's going to be a really amazing experience. 

What is your favourite IMPI piece?

My favourite piece in IMPI is probably the bike pants or the briefs because they have interesting colours and patterns, which a lot of other brands don't. They also have a low waistband option, which I love!

And then the briefs, because no other brand does briefs like these and I feel like you just feel really fast in them. When I wear IMPI briefs, I feel like I'm in race mode and I'm going to smash a PB!

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