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Bathurst Wrap Up - World Cross Country Championships!

What a weekend!! Guts, glory, excitement, nerves,  joy, disappointment, drama, so much fun, a heatwave and of course the obligatory severe Aussie thunderstorm! What can we say...Bathurst had it all!

IMPI took advantage of a once in a lifetime opportunity to attend the World Cross Country event in Bathurst. It was truly awe inspiring to watch these incredible athletes from all across the world perform. We are incredibly proud of ALL the Aussies who participated in this event.

Every single Aussie attacked the brutal Bathurst course in tough, hot conditions. For some, it paid off and for others it just wasn't their day. Mention must be made of the bronze medal achieved by our 4 Aussies speedsters Ollie Hoare; Jess Hull; Stewart McSweyn and Abbey Caldwell in a time of 23.26.

The fierceness and unbelievable speed at which this Aussie team put on display was nothing short of pure inspiration for the rest of us! The noise from the crowd when Jess Hull took the lead was something we will never forget!!

We had 4 IMPI teams participate in the World XC Corporate Challenge event in Bathurst. The spirit and excitement of the event far outweighed the brutality of the hilly course and hot conditions. Everyone ran with guts and gusto and it was amazing to see so many IMPIs on the WXC track! From mudpits to sandpits, hills and chicanes the course was not for the faint-hearted!

Well done & thank you to our IMPI Corporate Teams!

1. IMPI Strength and Conditioning boys - blitzed the field and won! (Zane, Max, David and Jacob)

2. IMPI Orange Girls Team (Georgie, Gwen, Erica and Zara)

3. IMPI Blue Girls Team (Ella, Freya, Ava and Indi)

4. IMP Blue Mixed Team (Andy, Knoxie, Pete and Chloe)

IMPI Warriors in the U20 Girls Event

Under 20s - the hottest race of the day! Brutal conditions but the Aussie girls all showed true grit.

A highlight was seeing our IMPI athletes supporting other IMPI athletes - in fact all the athletes from around the world. In some instances, they might very well have covered more kms running around the course cheering for an athlete than the athlete actually running the course!

Added to the fun, was a bit of star mixing and gazing at Bathurst with the likes of Jess Hull, Abbey Caldwell, Ollie Hoare chatting to athletes (young and old), signing shoes, shirts and visors!

Fun and excitement all round. Thank you Bathurst!