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Meet Nikita Moore, a middle-distance runner specialising in 1500m and 10k cross-country events and one of our original IMPI Warriors! Born and raised in Brisbane, Nikita graduated from Brisbane State High School before moving to the United States to attend Northern Arizona University.

Aside from her impressive running career, Nikita is also an inspiration to many as a role model and source of wisdom. Before she heads back to the USA, we caught up with Nikita on a recent track day to get to know her better. Check out our interview or watch the video below to learn more about this talented athlete and what drives her to succeed.

What events do you do? I specialise in middle distance events - mainly 1500m and 10k cross-country events.

What do you love about running? What I love most about running is the friends that I've made along the way. From when I was a 10-year-old when I first started to now in college, I have friends all over the world, and so I think that's probably the most important thing.

What are your goals in running? Some of my goals with running would be to compete for Australia again. I competed for Australia in the EU 20 Cross Country so I think it'd be really cool to represent Australia in the open cross country or even for track and field one day.

What are some of the biggest life lessons that running has taught you? Running has taught me a lot of life lessons, such as being motivated, being dedicated, and just realising that hard work does pay off in the end.

What are some of your proudest moments in running? My proudest moment for running so far would probably be going to America for college. I was really scared to go and then now it's just the greatest experience ever. I told myself, give it a year, give it a year, and now I could see myself staying there for a long time.

How does being a part of a team inspire you? The best thing I love about competing in the US is being part of a team. Even if it's cross-country or track, I always feel like I'm part of something. Even when it's a 5k and there are six other girls from my team on the track but 20 other girls on different teams, I can look for my teammates and realise I've been in training with them, I've been through life with them, and I just stick onto them for as long as possible and that usually will bring out some best.

What is your race day routine?  Well, the night before I'll have spaghetti bolognese and maybe a bit of garlic bread here and there. And then, in the morning I'll have a big breakfast, have a banana an hour before a race, and hang out with friends because I like being chatty and not being in my own head during the day. And then, we'll go through the usual warmup things, usually always with the teammates.

What do you love about IMPI? I love IMPI because there's such a large variety of sizes and styles. When I was younger, I would always be struggling to find cool stuff with patterns and different colours, and they've kind of provided that for a range of different girls and it's been really, really cool seeing them grow from a small company, getting so much bigger, going international, it's been really exciting to see!

What is your favourite IMPI piece? I think my favourite piece of IMPI would always just be the crops. They're just really fun and I love wearing all the different patterns.