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Pushing Barriers and changing lives...


Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does. It speaks to youth in a language they understand. Sport can create hope where once there was only despair.

— Nelson MandelaPushing barriers

Every now and again you meet a real-life angel. Tracy Tucker is just that. A few years ago, Tracy had the urge to improve the lives of others. So overwhelming was this urge, that nothing would get in the way to make it happen.

Pushing Barriers was born with the single minded focus of improving the lives of refugee youth through access to community sport.

Based on strong values such as teamwork, trust, inclusion, fun and respect Tracy and the team at Pushing Barriers are changing the lives of others, one sport at a time.

Tracy Tucker

Pushing Barriers is a not for profit association with the primary objective being to advance and improve the lives and welfare of refugee youth by providing them with opportunities and funding to be included and welcomed into Australian culture and society through sport.

Pushing Barriers is committed to assisting youth with a refugee background to engage in sport through:

  1. Providing financial relief by partnering with sporting clubs to cover the costs of club fees, uniforms and equipment.

  2. Providing transport to and from sporting events and training as required, through a well-coordinated volunteer driver team.

  3. Encouraging and supporting refugee youth to reach their full potential on the sports field.

  4. Providing opportunities for refugee youth to meet with positive role models who are aligned with Pushing Barriers’ values to motivate, inspire and support them both in their sporting endeavours and as they seek to be included and welcomed into wider Australian society and culture.

  5. Striving to reduce social and financial barriers that refugee youth face in the community so as to improve their quality of life and their connection with their local community.

  6. Encouraging and educating about the need for diversity, inclusion and acceptance within the sporting community.

IMPI Sportswear are thrilled to be partnering with Pushing Barriers in 2021!

Pushing barriers

We were both happy and humbled to meet some of the girls supported by Pushing Barriers last Tuesday evening. The girls display incredible courage, strength and wisdom beyond their years. We are honoured to support these girls with IMPI sportswear for the 2021 netball and soccer season.

Volunteer Drivers have one of the most important jobs at Pushing Barriers. If you live in Brisbane and are able to volunteer your time to help, please register your interest at

Pushing Barriers relies heavily on fundraising and volunteers! If anyone wants to get involved in helping or supporting Pushing Barriers, please contact Tracy at To find out more about Pushing Barriers go to