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IMPI's Who Inspire featuring Georgie Gilroy

Determined. That’s the one word we would use to describe IMPI Warrior Georgie Gilroy. This running superstar has been competing since the age of ten, alongside the likes of Keira and Nikita Moore – two US College NCAA Athletes. Georgie caught up with our team to share some of her top tips on staying motivated, dealing with race day nerves and why the running community is at the heart of passion for the sport.

 My name's Georgie Gilroy, and I'm a middle-distance runner.I compete in cross-country, 1500m and 3km.

What do you love most about running? 

I love the social side of running. I've run with the same people from the age ten, so now it’s just habit to every day go down and run with them.


Do you have any advice on staying motivated? 

Running's taught me that you're not always going to be motivated, but you just have to persevere, keep doing it and keep grinding through. Everyone goes through phases where they're not motivated. It's going to happen. Whether you're a runner or you're into your academics, it's going to happen with everything. You just need to learn how to push through it.


How do you deal with nerves before a big race?  

Most of the time it's better if you have your friends running with you, which usually you do. Otherwise, make friends with someone, and being with them and talking helps your nerves.


Do you have any role models in the sport? 

I look up to Keira and Nikita Moore. I've run with them since I was little, and they lived just down the road from me.


What do you love most about IMPI Sportswear? 

Everyone will know if you're running and don't feel good, it's so much harder to run well. IMPI makes you feel better because you just feel comfortable, and you look better! All of it just makes you feel better when you're running.


Georgie is wearing part of our core range, the IMPI Essentials Collection.