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Nikita Moore - Impi Running Warrior

How and why did you start running?

I started running from a young age; my mum was a big influence as she was coaching older athletes and I would just come down to the sessions and jog. Throughout school cross country and athletics carnivals I found myself winning a lot of races and becoming really dominant in the longer events. The environment and social side of running definitely influenced my decision to continue the sport.

Where is your talent from?

I would consider myself as having talent but not as much as many other runners. I am an athlete who works really hard for what I achieve and the work always pays off. 

What is the best thing about running?

The best thing about running would have to be the social side of it and how many friends you make along the way. I have met my closest friends through running. Although I do love competing and look forward to any race; I love the nerve racking and exciting atmosphere. 

Did you play any other sport? 

I currently play soccer but more just for fun. This year I played for both my school opens team and for club. 

What has been you career highlight so far? 

My career highlight would have to be when I won the Australian U18 girls 4km champs and also becoming the Oceania champ. It was such a competitive race as it was run up in Maleny on one of the toughest courses you’ll ever see! 

Do you have a favourite distance? 

I love any distance but at the moment my favourite would have to be the 5000m on track. When my age starts 6km cross country I definitely believe that will become a strong event for me. 

What are your hopes and ambitions? 

My main hopes and ambitions is to attend university in the US on a running scholarship as it sounds like such a great experience! Many girls I have trained with have also gone over which has strongly influenced my decision. 

Why would you encourage anyone else to give the sport a go? 

I encourage people to try running as it can benefit your life so much in so many different ways. 


app - Snapchat, instagram 

food- plain dairy milk chocolate, Spagetti Bolognaise 

Author/ book- don’t read that much, probably should start but a favourite would have to be the once, then, etc series by Morris Gletizmen.

Athlete- Heidi See (Australian distance runner) 

Training session - 1km’s !! 

Instagram - nikita_moore 

Future Career- sales management in sport! (Fingers crossed).