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Road to Paris 2024 Olympics: Qualifying for the Australian Athletics Team

As the world eagerly anticipates the 2024 Paris Olympics, athletes from across the globe are gearing up for the chance to represent their nations on the grandest stage of them all. Among them, Australian athletes are diligently preparing to showcase their talents and compete for glory in the realm of athletics. With rigorous training regimens and unwavering determination, these athletes are striving to qualify for the Australian athletics team and secure their spots at this momentous event.

How do you qualify to be in the Australian athletics team for the Olympics?

Qualifying for the Australian athletics team for the Olympics is no easy feat. Athletes must meet stringent criteria set forth by Athletics Australia, the governing body for athletics in the country, as well as adhere to the qualification standards established by theInternational Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) or World Athletics. These standards typically entail achieving specific performance benchmarks in approved competitions within designated qualification periods. Additionally, athletes must participate in selection trials organised by Athletics Australia, where they compete against their peers for coveted spots on the national team.

Here's a general overview of the process:

Meeting Athletics Australia's criteria: Athletics Australia sets its own standards for athletes to be eligible for selection to the national team. These criteria may include achieving certain performance benchmarks at designated competitions, maintaining good standing in terms of conduct and adherence to anti-doping regulations, and fulfilling any other requirements set by the organization.

Meeting IAAF qualification standards:The International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), now known as World Athletics, establishes qualification standards for each event in track and field athletics. Athletes must achieve these standards in approved competitions within a specified qualification period leading up to the Olympics. The standards vary depending on the event and are typically based on achieving a certain time, distance, or score.

Participating in selection trials:Athletics Australia may organize selection trials or competitions where athletes have the opportunity to demonstrate their fitness and form leading up to the Olympics. These trials may serve as a key factor in determining the final composition of the Australian athletics team.

Selection by Athletics Australia:After considering athletes' performances, adherence to eligibility criteria, and other relevant factors, Athletics Australia's selection committee will choose the athletes who will represent Australia in each event at the Olympics. This decision is typically made based on objective performance criteria, but selectors may also take subjective factors into account.

It's essential for athletes aspiring to compete in the Olympics to closely follow Athletics Australia's guidelines and requirements, as well as the qualification standards set by the IAAF, to ensure they have the best chance of earning a spot on the Australian athletics team.

When are the Australian Olympic trials for running and where are they held?

The Australian Olympic trials for running, also known as the Australian Athletics Championships, serve as the primary selection event for the Australian athletics team. These trials are typically held in various locations across Australia, including major cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth. The specific dates and venues for the trials may vary from year to year, but they are usually scheduled well in advance to provide athletes with ample time to prepare and compete for their chance to represent Australia at the Olympics. 

Here are the key timelines for the Australian Olympic trials:

Marathon: Qualifying period commenced on 1 November 2022, with closing milestones of 30 January 2024 and 5 May 2024.

10000m, Decathlon/Heptathlon, 20km Walk, and Relays: Qualifying period commenced on 31 December 2022.

All other events:Qualifying period commenced on 1 July 2023, with the end of the qualifying period on 30 June 2024.

Australian Athletes Who Have Met Entry Standards:


800m:Catriona Bisset (1:57.78), Abbey Caldwell (1:58.48)

1500m: Linden Hall (3:56.92), Jessica Hull (3:57.29), Abbey Caldwell (3:59.79)

5000m:Jessica Hull (14:44.24)

High Jump:Nicola Olyslagers (2.03m), Eleanor Patterson (1.99m)

Pole Vault: Nina Kennedy (4.91m)

Javelin:Mackenzie Little (64.50m)

Marathon:Sinead Diver (2:21:34), Genevieve Gregson (2:23:08), Lisa Weightman (2:23:15), Isobel Batt-Doyle (2:23:27), Eloise Wellings (2:25:47)

20km Walk: Jemima Montag (1:27:16), Rebecca Henderson (1:28:33), Olivia Sandery (1:28:52)

It appears that these athletes have already met the entry standards for their respective events, giving them a head start in gaining selection for the Australian athletics team for the Olympics. 


400m:Reece Holder (44.79)

800m:Joseph Deng (1:43.99), Peter Bol (1:44.28)

1500m: Stewart McSweyn (3:31.42), Adam Spencer (3:31.81), Cameron Myers (3:33.26)

Pole Vault: Kurtis Marschall (5.95m)

Discus:Matt Denny (68.24m)

Marathon:Brett Robinson (2:07:31), Patrick Tiernan (2:07:45)

20km Walk:Declan Tingay (1:18:30), Kyle Swan (1:19:24), Rhydian Cowley (1:19:30)

Additional selections will be made based on tracking World Rankings for Australian athletes in contention for quota qualifying positions until 30 June 2024. Here’s the calendar of events per category:

Category A:

Thursday 15 February:Maurie Plant Meet – Melbourne

Category B:

Thursday 11 – Sunday 14 April:Australian Championships, Adelaide

Saturday 2 December: Zatopek:10 (Category B for 10,000m only)

Category C:

Saturday 10 February:Adelaide Track Classic

Saturday 24 February: International Track Meet, Christchurch NZL

Sunday 10 March: Sir Graeme Douglas Memorial Track Classic, Auckland NZL

Category D:

Saturday 2 March:Canberra Track Classic

Saturday 23 March:Sydney Track Classic

Saturday 28 March:Albie Thomas Mile, Sydney

Category E:

Various State Championships

Category F:

Saturday 2 December: Zatopek:10 (Category B for 10,000m only)

These events are important for athletes to participate in, as they offer opportunities to achieve qualifying marks, demonstrate form, and potentially earn selection to the Australian athletics team for various competitions, including the Olympics.

Who can participate in the Australian Olympic qualifiers for athletics?

Participation in the Australian Olympic qualifiers for athletics is typically open to athletes who meet certain eligibility criteria set by Athletics Australia, the national governing body for athletics in Australia, as well as any specific requirements outlined by the organizers of the Olympic qualifiers.

Here are some general criteria that athletes need to meet to participate in the Australian Olympic qualifiers for athletics:

Nationality:Athletes must be Australian citizens or have eligible residency status to represent Australia in international competitions such as the Olympics.

Eligibility Standards:Athletes must meet the qualification standards set by Athletics Australia and/or the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) for their respective events. These standards typically involve achieving specific performance benchmarks in approved competitions within a designated qualification period.

Good Standing:Athletes must be in good standing with Athletics Australia, which includes adherence to the organization's rules and regulations, as well as compliance with anti-doping protocols.

Participation in Selection Trials:Athletes may need to participate in selection trials or competitions organized by Athletics Australia to earn qualification for the Olympics. These trials serve as the primary method for selecting athletes to represent Australia at the Olympics and other major international competitions.

Health and Fitness:Athletes must be in good physical condition and free from injuries that would prevent them from competing at their best during the Olympic qualifiers and, if selected, at the Olympics.

Commitment to Training and Competition:Athletes must demonstrate a commitment to training and competition, as well as a willingness to represent Australia with pride and sportsmanship if selected for the national team.

Ultimately, participation in the Australian Olympic qualifiers for athletics is contingent upon meeting the necessary eligibility criteria and demonstrating the ability to perform at a high level in competition. Become a part of the IMPI Tribe today! Stay connected with us for exciting updates, exclusive content, and special offers.