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You may recognise Keira Moore from the IMPI Instagram, as one of our regularly featured warriors! Not only is this IMPI inspiration an incredible middle-distance athlete, she is an all-round role model with loads of wisdom that comes from years of competing at a high- level of running.

We wanted to give you the chance to get to know Keira before she jets off to the USA, so we caught up with her on a recent track day. Watch the video below to see the full interview, or check out the blog below!

What events do you do? I specialise in middle distance events - mainly 800m and 1500m events. 

When did you first start running? I started running when I was about ten, but only kind of seriously started training later. So like 13. 

What’s the hardest type of sessions you do in training? Oh, we do some pretty hard sessions. Probably 400 repeats would be my least favourite or the hardest!

How do you stay motivated? I stay motivated by running with friends. If I don't want to go for a run, I'll just say, ‘Hey, Georgie, do you wanna come for a run with me?’ And then I find it easier to get down there and do it. 

Do you ever get nervous before a race? I get very nervous and I have a lot of self-doubt, but I feel like it's just something that comes with the sport. Everyone says if you're nervous, it means you care, and I think that's true. So it’s something you’ve just got to try and embrace, and still give it your best shot!

What are some of the biggest life lessons that running has taught you? Running’s honestly taught me a lot. Probably the biggest lesson is how hard you work is what you're going to get back. So the more you keep trying, the longer you stay committed to it, the better you're going to get.

What are some of your proudest moments in running? I don't think I’ve got a single moment, but I feel the most proud of myself when I know I've done everything I can. This doesn’t always mean I had to run a good race but just that I’ve tried my best and didn’t give up. The outcome doesn’t really matter, I still get to feel like I’ve accomplished something.