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When ART and SPORT collide...thats when the magic happens

“When magic is created in art the world should see it and , in this instance, IMPI are lucky enough to help show it. Here’s the story of a special girl’s talent that has been transformed into one of our latest creations.” 

Chloe has loved art since she was little – even painting her Mum’s walls pink to demonstrate her artistic flair. One of her favourite things to do (apart from run) is spend time in her Nanny’s art studio creating. She is so lucky to have a grandmother as an artist to help her explore creative expression. According to renowned Brisbane artist Suzanne Danaher (aka Nanny) Chloe has a keen interest in creating ART. She loves to explore the effects of colour upon colour and gets lost in the moment. Chloe is always delighted by the results of what transpires before her.

 Chloe running shorts

Chloe asked her grandmother to teach her how to do these paintings. During COVID a makeshift art studio (aka Bunnings fold out table) was constructed and Chloe set about creating something every day… THE CHLOE was one of those. How lucky for Impi Sportswear to have such talent in our tribe. We are delighted to be able to support young girls develop their interest and open their eyes to the possibilities their talents hold.

chloe at art studio

Chloe is forever creating new things, and her Mum tells us the art cupboard is always open and she can be found sitting somewhere quietly painting or making something artistic.


When asked what she loves about art Chloe’s response is simply “ITS FUN”. Those close to her know it brings her a sense of peace and freedom, feeding her creative little soul. Art is the perfect balance to everything else Chloe does, she is always working so hard at everything.


BUT don’t be fooled by Chloe’s love of art and creating! She is also one tough and determined little Impi running warrior. We love some of the parallels between running  and art such as ‘getting lost in the moment’ (yes one may be due to creative imagination and the other to pain 😊 but still…), ‘a sense of freedom’ and most importantly ‘FUN’.

 Chloe running in running shorts

Chloe’s diverse interests yet hard work and passion for  “Art” and “Active” is evident in her enjoyment and success in both.


Creative, active, bright, beautiful, happy, funny, hard working and above all kind …we are so proud to have such a talented Impi like Chloe in our tribe!