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IMPI's Who Inspire | Olivia Boyd

Olivia Boyd

Olivia Boyd's love for running knows no limits, and her commitment to her sport is genuinely remarkable. Embark on a captivating exploration of her path, where we delve into her training regimens, recount her unforgettable races, and explore the invaluable wisdom she has gained throughout her journey. Brace yourself to be uplifted by Olivia's indomitable spirit and resolute resolve!


What events do you do?

Hi, I'm Olivia Boyd and I’m a 15-year-old 3,000 m runner and I’ve been competing for 8 years. 

Where has running taken you?

Running's taken me many places that I wouldn't have otherwise gone if I wasn't a runner. And I just love the atmosphere and there's nothing better than the sense of achievement you get after a good training session or race when I'm a motivated.

What is your goal with running?
My primary goal would probably be to eventually make an Australian team that day. I think that's something everyone can aspire to and would be a really amazing achievement. I can definitely see running, taking me all over Australia and all over the world. Once I leave high school, I definitely wanna travel more and do some races overseas! 

What is your least favourite thing about training?

Through grade 12, I’ve found I’ve been unmotivated. However, one of the things that I found that made a big difference when I’m overwhelmed with schoolwork and assignments, is asking a friend or family member to walk or ride alongside me while I run. 

What has training taught you?

Running has definitely taught me perseverance, commitment, and discipline, which are not just important on the track but also life lessons. It transfers to my study in school as well, being disciplined, going to training and overall like sense of self. 

What is your favourite piece of IMPI?

My favourite piece of IMMP is probably the longer crops and new racing briefs! I always like having really nice race day kit. It always makes me feel prepared and they're so comfy to race in as well and just having a really, you know, solid piece of kit on race day can make the best difference as well.