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A little IMPI inspiration



With a determination so fierce, our pint-sized Impi Ambassador Mia Guillergan certainly knows how to tap into her warrior within. Mia recently smashed the 5km world record to become the fastest in history at the age of 11(, won the NSW State Short Course Country twice in a row and came 3rd in the 800 and 1500 m all with a humbleness and grace that only true champions display.

Mia has shown what hard work, determination and motivation can do! She gives 150% to everything she does from training to racing as well as keeping a healthy balance through other interests.

Most importantly Mia has fun and smiles through it all, almost oblivious to the trail blazing path she is paving. With a strong support structure and proud family behind her all the way, Mia is all set to enjoy her running journey!

We are delighted to share a bit of Mia's journey with you thus far...

How and why did you start running?

I made the school cross country team in year 2 and then joined the athletics club at school. As I enjoyed running very much, I got introduced to Jack from Sydney Athletics Academy in year 3 while continuing on my school athletics club. My late grandfather was also a runner in the 1950’s and I inherited some of his medals and newspaper clippings. He has been my inspiration.

Do you have a favourite distance?

At the moment I love Middle (800m) to Long Distance (5km).

What is your favourite training session?

It will have to be both track and hills.

What is the most challenging event you have competed in?

State Short Course XC Championship this year.

 Mia Guillergan

What are your goals for the 2020/2021 season?

For the 2020/2021 season, my goal is to keep fit, stay motivated, get involved with as much races as I can and having lots of fun.

What is your favourite post-race meal?

Wagyu steak and salad.

What is your top recovery tip?

Ice Bath and lots of rolling/stretching.

What advice would you give to another teenager who is thinking about starting to run? Nowadays, with a lot more access to gadgets and technology, we forget to look after ourselves and stay fit. It is such a fun community to be involved in while making friends along the way, and did I mention lifetime investment?

Do you play any other sport?

Yes – Soccer, tennis, touch football, hockey, swimming

Who inspires you on Instagram? Morgan Mitchell

Who is an athlete you admire and why?

Eliud Kipchoge. His physical, mental strength and humble nature is very inspiring.

Mia Guillergan family