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      teen running

      Inspired by the 11:54.048 record set recently by one of Impi’s favourite Australian female sporting role models Genevieve LaCaze Gregson, we are excited to launch the Impi Sportswear Virtual 3.8km “Tan Challenge”.  

      Proudly brought to you by IMPI SPORTSWEAR and our friends GOODR sunglasses, LACE UP RUNNING and FITTER FUTURES.

      If you are keen to test drive those racing legs and partake in a bit of friendly competition, this is the race for you!

      For those of you who don’t know, the Tan is one of Melbourne’s most popular running route, ‘The Tan’ lap is 3.827km around and suited for runners of all abilities. The majority of the track is gravel with an elevation of only 208ft.

      How close can you get to The Gen’s time of 11minutes and 54 seconds? Check it out here… (We still get goosebumps!!)


      Impi Sportswear virtual distance: 3.80km (we are giving all Impi’s a .027km advantage -sorry Genevieve)

      Participation is simple:

      • Pick a relatively flat 3.8km course and run your hardest!
      • Run alone or with a friend (or two if allowed in your state)
      • Submit your time directly to this page
        OR join Impi Sportswear Running Tribe on Stravato take up the virtual challenge. We will be taking results from both.
      • ATTENTION COACHES: You are welcome to use this as a “hard” session and submit a list of athletes with their times as an excel document via email at
      • Please send us photos @impisportswear

      Virtual Challenge Period: Thursday 21 May to Sunday 7 June 2020

      Some of the Prize Categories on offer:

      1. Closest time to THE GEN
      2. Fastest in age categories Age 10yrs to 17 yrs
      3. Fastest Squad
      4. Biggest Squad (most entrants from a running squad)
      5. Fastest State (no prize for this one other than bragging rights)

      First prize includes an Impi Sportswear clothing voucher to the value of $100, a pair of Feetures socks and pair of GOODR sunglasses.

      Other prizes include online family gym sessions with Fitter Futures and Lucky draw prizes comprise Impi Sportswear vouchers and Impi Sportswear visors!


      • For 13 yrs and over you can join– It’s FREE! 
      • Map out a relatively flat 3.8km course
      • BE SAFE ON THE PATHS, ROADS or wherever you run! 
      • You have from Thursday 21 May until 7 June 2020 to complete the 3.80km distance. You are welcome to give it a go as many times that you like and submit your best time during that period. (Please only submit one time to Impi Sportswear)
      • Those with times closest to Genevieve must be strava loaded entries and or photo evidence to Impi Sportswear
      • You are welcome and we encourage you to send us photos via DM
      • Please enter and participate in the spirit in which this race is intended. It will not be perfect, but it will be fun! We will do our best to make it fair and ensure results are collated accurately.
      • You must follow Impi Sportswear @impisportswear; @Goodr_aunz; @laceuprunning on Instagram and Facebook to participate

      Please contact us on for any further details. We are developing this event on the run 😊





















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