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    Impi Sportswear has been designed specifically for teens and pre-teens, so you may find the "fit" a bit smaller. 

    While its best to measure as per our size guide page, here are some more ways to work out your preferred size remembering everyone likes a slightly different "fit".

      As a rough guide, our sizes are similar to the small ladies sizes 0-8. Bear in mind the bust/chest measurements will be slightly smaller for Impi sizes as the product is designed for teenagers. To show this slight variation we have placed a T in front of the relevant ladies size.

      Running shorts

      xs = size 0 age 8-10/11 years approx T0
      s = size 2 age 11-13/14 years approx T2
      m = size 4 age 14-15/16 years approx  T4
      l = size 6 age 15-16/17 years approx T6
      xl = size 8 age 16-18/small adult years approx T8


      Strappy crops

      xs not available in strappy
      s = size 2 age 8-10/11 years approx T2
      m = size 4 age 11-13/14 years approx T4
      l = size 6 age 14-15/16 years approx T6
      xl = size 8 age 16-17/18 years approx T8


      We know its not always easy to purchase online, so we have provided some of our model's measurements to help you work out which size will fit you best. Most of our running models prefer a snug fit for the shorts, so have opted for a smaller size in the running shorts and a size up in the strappy crop.

      Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further assistance in selecting the right size for you! We value your feedback and would love to know how our garments are fitting and where we can improve as we grow our business. Contact us at

      Imogen snakeskin strappy crop and running shorts  

      Age 17 

      Height -170cm tall 
      Waist - 67cm 
      Chest - 75cm
      Hips -  84cm

      Wears - Large elastic running shorts, XLarge strappy running bra

      Age 15 
      Height -161cm tall 
      Waist - 65cm 
      Chest - 73cm
      Hips - 81cm

      Wears - Medium for longer fit;  Medium strappy running bra

      Keira strappy crop and elastic running shorts

      Age 14 
      Height -161cm tall 
      Waist - 64cm 
      Chest - 75cm
      Hips - 75cm

      Wears - Small elastic running shorts and Medium strappy running bra


      Ella running strappy and shorts

      Age 11 
      Height -131cm tall 
      Waist - 62cm 
      Chest - 67cm
      Hips - 70cm

      Wears - XSmall elastic running shorts a Small strappy running bra;  size 10 Little Impis range blue tribal pants. She also wears the size 10 racer t back crop 

      Ava kids running shorts and crop

      Age 9 
      Height -131cm tall 
      Waist - 57cm 
      Chest - 65cm
      Hips - 67cm
      Wears - size 6 Little Impis running shorts. She also wears the size 8 racer t back crop and XSmall elastic running shorts.

      Mia snakeskin kiddies

      Age 8 (Mia in the middle)

      Height - 123cm
      Waist - 59cm
      Chest - 58cm
      Hips - 62cm

      Wears - size 6 Little Impis running shorts. She also wears the size 6 racer t back crop.


      Age 7 
      Height -123cm tall 
      Waist - 55cm 
      Chest - 63cm
      Hips - 63cm
      Wears - size 6 Little Impis running shorts. She also wears the size 6 racer t back crop 

      Kiddies range

      Age 4 (Eva on the right)
      Height -110cm tall 
      Waist - 49cm 
      Chest - 57cm
      Hips - 56cm

      Wears - size 4 Little Impis running shorts. She also wears the size 4 racer t back crop 


      Size guide


      Size Guide
       Approx age 8-11yrs 11-14 14-16 15-17 16-18
       Impis xs = size 0 s = size 2  m = size 4 l = size 6  xl = size 8
      Bust 63-65cm 65-68cm 68-74cm 74-81cm 81-89cm
      Waist 58-62cm 62-64cm 64-68cm 68-72cm 72-76cm
      Hips 69-73cm 73-77cm 77-82cm 82-87cm 87-91cm
      Little Impis 4yrs 6yrs 8yrs 10yrs 12yrs
      Bust 52-58cm 58-63cm 63-67cm 67-74cm 74-81cm
      Waist 46-51cm  51-57cm 57-63cm 63-67cm 67-71cm
      Hips 53-58cm 58-65cm 65-72cm 72-79cm 79-84cm